Meet Roman
Founder & CEO
Ten years ago, Summit Digital Marketing was a one-Roman-show! Fueled by his vision to change lives through marketing, Roman created Summit with no intention of hiring employees (and yet here we are!). Like any Founder and CEO, Roman has worn a lot of hats over the years. After graduating from the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago with the intent to become a youth pastor, Roman felt called by God instead to help people through entrepreneurship and business. Today he’s doing just that and is beyond grateful for the relationships, impact, and opportunities that have come with this journey. Outside of Summit, Roman is a loving husband and father of two girls. He loves snowboarding, golfing, hosting parties, and rooting for the Vikings. His perfect day? Waking up early, spending a quiet morning by the fire praying and reading, followed by hitting the slopes snowboarding with his family! Roman is an entrepreneur who stays up to date on emerging tech and marketing trends to help clients and companies succeed. You can connect with Roman on Instagram, X, and LinkedIn.
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A Look at Roman’s Library…

The Bible
$100M Leads by Alex Hormozi
Linchpin by Seth Godin

Roman’s Road Trip Non-Negotiables:


Pit Stop at McDonald’s