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Rupp Arena. Kroger Field. Keeneland. The Bourbon Trail. Kentuckians far and wide recognize and celebrate these landmarks. But why? The Commonwealth State is filled with gorgeous scenery, storied history, and passionate fans – what makes these so special? The answer: you hardly have to look for them. They’re right in front of you.

With so many notable places and past times, how can your business cut through the noise? Search Engine Optimization is the best way to put yourself in front of the right audience at the right time and Summit Digital Marketing is the Lexington SEO Agency to make it happen.

At Summit, our mission is to help you get found online and grow your revenue. As a Lexington SEO Agency, we dial in on the specifics of your digital marketing presence online. We identify areas of opportunity, create and optimize content to increase traffic and visibility, and assist with the technical aspects of your site to improve its experience.

Summit Digital Marketing is a Lexington SEO Agency that helps you stand out from competitors, get found more often, and grow your profits – helping you become a household name in Lexington and beyond. Just like you know the ins and outs of your business, we know ours. Summit Digital Marketing is the Lexington SEO agency that will boost your revenue and ROI.

We value our name (and yours) too much to trust SEO and PPC with someone else, which is why all of our work is done entirely in-house. As a client of Summit, you’ll receive industry-leading SEO marketing and the support of an entire team in your corner. Aside from being an SEO agency, we also specialize in PPC marketing. Each client has a dedicated team that includes a Digital Marketing Manager, SEO Specialist, PPC Specialist, and Digital Marketing Specialist. That’s a lot of expertise! Plus, you’ll gain the knowledge of four digital marketing professionals for less than it costs to hire one. Pretty good deal, huh?

See what one of our Lexington SEO clients had to say about working with us:

“We have worked with Summit Digital Marketing for the past year and they’ve helped us with the launch of five new websites and a mobile app during this time. Roman, Bailey, Korbin and everyone we work with at SDM is incredibly responsive, knowledgeable and friendly. It’s evident that the team loves what they do! We’ve had great SEO and PPC success from their efforts and look forward to continuing to grow our business with their help!”

– Nicki H.

Informed Sport

Start Growing Your Business With Lexington SEO

Even though we’re based in Denver, CO, our story would look vastly different if not for Lexington, KY. In Lexington, so many ideas came to life to help shape Summit’s future. Our Founder & CEO, Roman met our Director of Operations, Bailey while living in Lexington, so it’s safe to say this place has played a special part in our story. Many of our digital marketing experts live in Kentucky, so we have an excellent pulse on the marketing scene. Go CATS!

As a fully remote SEO agency, our team is able to be flexible and responsive for our Lexington SEO clients. We’re proud to serve clients across the U.S. and have even worked with companies in Australia, Asia, and Europe.

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