How Landing Pages Can Help Generate More Leads Online

Want to know the secret to increasing leads? Learn how you can drive more leads and traffic to your business with landing pages!
Written by
Roman Randall
Published on
April 2, 2024

Did you know that businesses with 31 to 40 landing pages get 7x more leads than those with only 1 to 5 landing pages? (Source: HubSpot) When you have more landing pages, you create more opportunities to generate leads. Think of it like doors on a building: the more doors a building has, the more ways people can enter. Similarly, the more landing pages you have, the more ‘doors’ prospects can come in through.

One Way To Generate More Leads

While 31 to 40 landing pages may seem a little overwhelming right now, keep in mind that you don’t need to build 31 landing pages before you start seeing results. By simply creating a few more landing pages, you can begin to improve your lead generation.

On a recent webinar, I shared how our company generated 1,262 more leads for one of our clients by creating just two landing pages for them. Only two landing pages, and lead generation skyrocketed.

How You Can Implement This Lead Generation Strategy

First, take out a sheet of paper, and start brainstorming (mindmapping) some possible offers that you could create landing pages for. Then, start creating those offers and landing pages, so that you can begin to send targeted traffic to them and begin generating leads. (Scroll down to see my recommend landing page builder tool of choice.) Need some ideas for offers?

  • Free 30-minute consultation
  • Coupon
  • Free online training
  • Access to exclusive deals not shared elsewhere
  • Same day service with callback request
  • Free evaluation
  • One dollar 14-day trial of software service
  • Buy one, get one 50% off
  • Content bundle: A free video, PDF, audio lesson, and/or resource checklist

Not sure how to build landing pages? One of my favorite tools for building high-converting landing pages fast is LeadPages. You can create opt-in pages, webinar pages, sales pages, launch pages, and more. I highly recommend checking out this tool. (Another great tool is Instapage - my second favorite landing page tool.)

Action step: Take out a sheet of paper, and start brainstorming/mindmapping possible offers that you could create landing pages for. Then, use LeadPages to begin building landing pages for your offers. Looking for a team that will help you get found online and grow your revenue? Get a FREE proposal today! 

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