Get Found Online: How Small Businesses and Nonprofits Can Improve Their Online Presence.

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February 1, 2024

In 2016, the verb “to google” was finally added to the Oxford English Dictionary, despite years of consistent use. Each year, Time Magazine releases a list of the most “googled” terms for that year. This list in 2016 contained words such as Trump, Hillary Clinton, Prince, Hurricane Matthew, and Pokémon Go. If you find yourself feeling guilty of googling any of these words, don’t worry! So did the rest of the world.Needless to say, the past two decades we have seen Google take over the world. For some, such as the Alaskan Bush People, they choose to hide from the technological advances of the world and rely on nature and what they can do with their own hands. For others, such as people probably reading this post, we have made it our mission to advance WITH the world and embrace what our brilliant human race has created.

Get Found On Google

This leads me to my hard thought topic of discussion. With the power of not only Google, but the entire World Wide Web, the possibilities are endless. Our culture is a culture of a get-rich-quick-reality-tv-vlogging-do-it-yourself-pinterest-loving phenomenon. I am definitely not critiquing these people because I am unashamedly next in line to try to take Joanna Gaines’ place on HGTV. But there is a constant theme here and that is this: Get found online. Everyone wants to “go viral,” as my dad would say.Here at Summit Digital Marketing, we are literally trying to help our clients get found online. It is our primary mission when working with clients.After I recognized this catch phrase, it got my wheels turning. So what did I do? I did some keyword research and found that on average, "get found online" is searched 260 times per month. These results don’t yield any comparison to terms like “Insurance” that are searched 550,000 times per month. However, when the math is calculated, that is 31,200 people per year that search “Get Found Online.”Some of those people are like my dad, asking the million-dollar-question, “how do we go viral?”. Some of those people are trying to make a career out of their YouTube singing or acting videos. Others are CEO’s, marketing consultants, or other company department heads trying to improve their digital marketing ROI. Those are the people that Summit Digital Marketing are trying to find to help “get found online.”

Do You Know Your Marketing's ROI?

If you’re like me, you have found a way to completely ignore commercials and advertisements (unless it’s March Madness or the Super Bowl, of course). You probably have a Netflix or Hulu account, listen to Spotify or Pandora, and get all of your news stories from Twitter or an online newspaper. The world that marketers once knew where everyone read the wanted ads and watched cable television is quickly dying and the internet and online streaming has completely taken over. So companies are looking for alternative mediums and creative ways to advertise to their target audiences. Very few organizations can afford to buy a Super Bowl commercial spot and most people have a “premium” online account to diverge from those pesky ten-second advertisements. So instead of investing in traditional forms of advertising - where you are usually interrupting someone as they consume content - it is far more beneficial to invest in being found by those who are looking for you. This is the beauty of search engine marketing.Let me explain. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, companies delegate between 1 and 10% of their gross sales to be reinvested into advertising. So, let's say a company generates $1,000,000 in gross sales per year. If 5% of that is reinvested back into advertising, that is $50,000 available for advertising. Many companies pay for generic advertisements that the public can see or hear such as billboards, radio advertisements, flyers, etc. We call this "mass blast" marketing: marketing that blasts a whole bunch of random, untargeted people with the hope that a few of them will respond.Contrast this with investing in digital advertising, such as Google AdWords: With AdWords, you can see what words and phrases your prospects are searching, clicking, and converting from. You can also see their location, what time of day they're online, and other insightful data. (AdWords has proven to be very successful for our clients, many of which have seen their return on investment skyrocket to 800 to 1,400%.)So, will your company continue to invest in "mass blast" marketing? Or will your company adapt and begin investing in digital advertising channels that are more targeted, specific, and effective?At Summit Digital Marketing, our goal is to help your company get found online and improve your digital marketing ROI. Depending on your specific situation and goals, we'll take you through our five step digital marketing process and determine the best way to help your company get found online. We'll help you decide which keywords are best for your company to target and attract leads and customers online. This is far more effective than "mass blast" marketing because the person who searches online is looking for a solution or answer that your company can provide.

Here are Three Action Steps Your Team canTake This Month to Get Found Online:

  1. Create content around relevant keywords that are consistent with your brand and attracts customers: Create content around relevant keywords that your target market would use to search for an answer to their problem. This will help your company get found on Google and other search engines when customers search online. For the blog content, incorporate photos and videos to illustrate your points and show the voice of your brand. Also, share other companies’ (not competitors) content from their social media that adds to your brand image or can help your target audience.
  2. Update your website so that it is mobile-responsive: Google now prioritizes websites that are mobile-friendly. With this upgrade to your website, you can take priority in search results over your competitors who do not have a mobile-responsive website.
  3. Develop a new SEO Strategy: This will help your company in the long run. For this, you may need to bring in experts, so that is where Summit Digital Marketing can come in and help! Not only will you receive help with a new strategy, you can learn helpful insight on other social media platforms and other visibility online.

I once read a quote that stated “It is not digital media’s fault that print media is a dying industry. It is only print media’s fault for not adapting with the changes of the world.” The world of advertising and marketing is changing and there are now one of two sides you can be on throughout this change: The side of the “Prints” or the “Digitals.” The “Prints” will stick to traditional marketing and the “Digitals” will change their ways and adapt to the world for continued and growing success.It is up to you how your company will adapt and utilize digital marketing. Summit Digital Marketing is a Denver SEO agency that can pave the road for your company to flee from the “Print” side and join the “Digital” side, and we would love to help you get there! Press the blue button below to schedule a meeting with us, and learn how your company can get found online in this Google-ran world!

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