Digital Marketing Specialist

Title: Digital Marketing Specialist
Position: Full-Time
Type: Salary with benefits
Location: Remote

Digital Marketing Specialist Job Description

We are looking for a Digital Marketing Specialist to help us with copywriting, email marketing, social media management, and other various digital marketing tasks.

The Digital Marketing Specialist’s main objective is to help their POD achieve remarkable digital marketing results through SEO, PPC, email marketing, and social media marketing.

The person must be humble, hungry, organized, competent, self-motivated, trustworthy, honest, have a good work ethic, and have a willingness to learn and grow. The candidate needs to have a strong understanding and experience in the digital marketing skills listed below.

Main Responsibilities Include

1. COPYWRITING: Helping write copy for ads, emails, social media posts, on-page SEO, new content, website copy, landing page copy, etc. 

2. EMAIL MARKETING: Writing email copy, subject lines, setting up email opt-in forms, connecting forms to email software, setting up email automation funnels, and ensuring that clients are getting good email marketing results (open rates, click through rates, conversions). 

3. SOCIAL MEDIA: putting together a social media calendar and strategy for clients, working with designer(s) to create social media creative, scheduling and posting content on social media, monitoring comments and inbox messages, and ensuring that clients are getting good social media marketing results (followers, engagement, and conversions).

4. EPA — EXECUTIVE POD ASSISTANCE: Functioning as "Executive Pod Assistant" for their pod, and helping where needed on digital marketing tasks.

5. Helping your POD get clients results, and build strong relationships with the clients in your POD.

Skills and Character Traits Needed

Summit Digital Marketing's five core values are love, excellence, authenticity, relationships, and results. The ideal candidate will embody these core values in their character and work ethic. Specifically, for this role, this looks like:

-Treating other people the way you would want to be treated.

-Valuing people and caring about client’s success.

-Understanding of digital marketing strategy.

-Strong copywriting skills.

-Experience with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager is a plus.

-Social media marketing experience.

-Email marketing experience.

-Good written and oral communication skills.

-Ability to be organized, with a keen attention to detail.

-Ability to work independently, take responsibility and initiate, and get work done in a remote work environment.

-Honesty and integrity.

-A willingness to learn, grow, and continually get better.

Perks and Benefits

-Strong Salary

-Remote work: work from wherever you want, as long as you get the work done 

-Health Insurance (company covers 75% of insurance premiums)

-Dental Insurance (company covers 75% of insurance premiums)

-Vision Insurance (company covers 75% of insurance premiums)

-Life Insurance (company covers 100% of life insurance premiums)

-Fridays off in July and December

-15 days of paid time off (PTO)

-Your birthday off

-10 national holidays off

-Seven days of "PSI" (personal, service, and/or illness) days off

-1lb of Coffee and book of your choosing mailed to your house every quarter

-Hulu Subscription

-Fully paid annual company retreat in Florida

-Awesome, encouraging team and company culture

-Paid maternity leave (12 weeks) / paid paternity leave (2 weeks) after one year of employment

-Opportunity to love your work with a growing digital marketing agency that serves clients around the world